Schedule of Presentations in the KDD Course (Spring 2016)


• Each group consists of 3~5 students.
• Each presentation must be finished within 10 minutes.
• Each presentation member must answer AT LEAST one question from audiences.

Date Time Slot Speakers Topic

06. 03

10:00 ~ 10:12 彭柯宾, 苏若, 孟翰, 于思民W. Hua, Z. Wang, H. Wang, K. Zheng, X. Zhou. Short text understanding through lexical-semantic analysis. In ICDE 2015.
10:12 ~ 10:24 苏翔博, 陈建为, 季晨雨 A. Bifet, G. Morales, J. Read, G. Holmes, B. Pfahringer. Efficient online evaluation of big data stream classifiers. In SIGKDD 2015.
10:24 ~ 10:36 彭彬, 王文博, 赵露, 周琪森, 全风楠 Xiaoyang Wang, Ying Zhang, Wenjie Zhang, Xuemin Lin, Wei Wang. Selectivity estimation on streaming spatio-textual data using local correlations. In VLDB 2015.
10:36 ~ 10:48 朱天宇, 朱曙光, 张凯, 林方 H. Hsieh, S. Lin, Y. Zheng. Inferring air quality for station location recommendation based on urban big data. In SIGKDD 2015.
10:48 ~ 11:00 陆志龙, 安冉, 郭智慧, 余兰, 李俊 Y. Huang, B. Cui, W. Zhang, J. Jiang, Y. Xu. TencentRec: Real-time stream recommendation in practice. In SIGMOD 2015.
11:00 ~ 11:12 丁军, 张耀月, 沈羽桐 M. Grbovic, V. Radosavljevic, N. Djuric, N. Bhamidipati, J. Savla, V. Bhagwan, D. Sharp. E-commerce in your inbox: product recommendations at scale. In SIGKDD 2015.
11:12 ~ 11:24 刘伟麟, 张玉坤, 孙晓阳 M. Riondato, E. Upfal. Mining frequent itemsets through progressive sampling with rademacher averages. In ICDE 2015.

06. 17

10:00 ~ 10:12 勾媛洁, 袁桂琴, 李莹莹, 魏萍, 王沛 J. Gan and Y. Tao. DBSCAN revisited: mis-claim, un-fixability, and approximation. In SIGMOD 2015.
10:12 ~ 10:24 骆煦芳, 王皓悦, 余圆圆, 李雪 A. Rodriguez and A. Laio. Clustering by fast search and find of density peaks.In Science 2014
10:24 ~ 10:36 韩钰, 刘天鑫, 杨志超, 盈科, 欧宇 X. Chu, J. Morcos, I. Ilyas, M. Ouzzani, P. Papotti, N. Tang, Y. Ye. Katara: a data cleaning system powered by knowledge bases and crowdsourcing. In SIGMOD 2015.
10:36 ~ 10:48 高大伟, 陶乾, 宋天舒 S. Funke, A. Nusser, S. Storandt. On k-path covers and their applications. In VLDB 2014.
10:48 ~ 11:00 李智, 原铭, 孙冠超 X. Song, Q. Zhang, Y. Sekimoto, R. Shibasaki. Prediction of human emergency behavior and their mobility following large-scale disaster. In SIGKDD 2014.
11:00 ~ 11:12 王惠群, 刘嘉卿, 兰天 Q. Qian, J. Hu, R. Jin, J. Pei, S. Zhu. Distance metric learning using dropout: a structured regularization approach. In SIGKDD 2014.
11:12 ~ 11:24 李嘉然, 李龙, 郑安林, 赵子健, 王艺婷 D. Vasisht, A. Damianou, M. Varma, A. Kapoor. Active learning for sparse bayesian multilabel classification. In SIGKDD 2014.
10:24 ~ 10:36 邵 彬, 林 硕, 符 阳 R. Feldman, O. Netzer, A. Peretz, B. Rosenfeld. Utilizing text mining on online medical forums to predict label change due to adverse drug reactions. In SIGKDD 2015.
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