Schedule of Presentations in the KDD Course (Spring 2015)


• Each group consists of 3~5 students.
• Each presentation must be finished within 20 minutes.
• Each presentation member must answer AT LEAST one question from audiences.

Date Time Slot Speakers Topic

06. 12

10:00 ~ 10:20 吴俣、李京、黄圳、张思敏、王翠娟 W. Shen, J. Han, J. Wang. A probabilistic model for linking named entities in web text with heterogeneous information networks. In SIGMOD 2014.
10:25 ~ 10:45 杜长春、陈树、徐晗、夏玉猛、张秦川 P. Zhang, W. Chen, X. Sun, Y. Wang, J. Zhang. Minimizing seed set selection with probabilistic coverage guarantee in a social network. In SIGKDD 2014.
10:50 ~ 11:10 李水华、王耀华、刁明智 Z. Xu, G. Huang, K. Q. Weinberger, A. X. Zheng. Gradient boosted feature selection. In SIGKDD 2014
11:15 ~ 11:35 李腾、俞清华、吴雪、曾宇祥 S. Zhai, T. Xia, S. Wang. A multi-class boosting method with direct optimization. In SIGKDD 2014

06. 19

10:00 ~ 10:20 王珊珊、解刚、侯仔玉、王亚东、钟元 X. Dong, E. Gabrilovich, G. Heitz, W. Horn, N. Lao, K. Murphy. Knowledge vault: a web-scale approach to probabilistic knowledge fusion. In SIGKDD 2014.
10:25 ~ 10:45 高川、王泓洋,赵宇飞、郭立轩 G. Aluc, M. T. Özsu, K. Daudjee. Workload matters: why RDF databases need a new design. In VLDB 2014.
10:50 ~ 11:10 赵龙飞、吴玮莹、李凤、穆晶晶 N. Vesdapunt, K. Bellare, N. Dalvi. Crowdsourcing algorithms for entity resolution. In VLDB 2014
11:15 ~ 11:35 王海轮、杜乐乐、陈特峰、肖邦 Y. Wang, Y. Zheng, Y. Xue. Travel time estimation of a path using sparse trajectories. In SIGKDD 2014

06. 26

10:00 ~ 10:20 李亚滨、吴煜、高磊磊 H. Huang, Y. Gao, K. Chiew, L. Chen, Q. He. Towards effective and efficient mining of arbitrary shaped clusters. In ICDE 2014.
10:25 ~ 10:45 包含、胡可凡、佟俊宇、吕中厚 F. Chierichetti, N. Dalvi, R. Kumar. Correlation clustering in MapReduce. In SIGKDD 2014.
10:50 ~ 11:10 洪筱筱,赵军,白钢,刘通,赵阳 J. Zhang, G. Tian, Y. Mu, W. Fan. Supervised deep learning with auxiliary networks. In SIGKDD 2014
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