The Limits of Horn Logic Programs

S. Ma, Y. Sui and K. Xu.
The Limits of Horn Logic Programs. In P. J. Stuckey (Ed.): Proc. of 18th International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP), Denmark, LNCS 2401, short paper, page 467, 2002.

Abstract: Given a sequence {Pn} of Horn logic programs, the limit P of {Pn} is the set of the clauses such that every clause in P belongs to almost every Pn and every clause in infinitely many Pn's belongs to P also. The limit program P is still Horn but may be infinite. In this paper, we consider if the least Herbrand model of the limit of a given Horn logic program sequence {Pn} equals the limit of the least Herbrand models of each logic program Pn. It is proved that this property is not true in general but holds if Horn logic programs satisfy an assumption which can be syntactically checked and be satisfied by a class of Horn logic programs. Thus, under this assumption we can approach the least Herbrand model of the limit P by the sequence of the least Herbrand models of each finite program Pn. We also prove that if a finite Horn logic program satisfies this assumption, then the least Herbrand model of this program is recursive. Finally, by use of the concept of stability from dynamical systems, we prove that this assumption is exactly a sufficient condition to guarantee the stability of fixed points for Horn logic programs. 
Keywords: logic program, Horn theory, Herbrand model, limit, stability, decidability.

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