I am a fourth year Ph.D. candidate in a joint Ph.D. program of Microsoft Research Asia and Beihang University. My Ph.D. supervisors are Lidong Zhou in Micrososft Research and Prof. Wei Li in Beihang University. I am currently working in System Research Group of MSRA.

Previously, I got my bachelor degree in Beihang University in 2014 and I graduated from Jinshan high school of Swatow, Guangdong, China in 2010.

Email: xiaowencong [at] nlsde [dot] buaa [dot] edu [dot] cn

Email: xiaowencong [at] gmail [dot] com

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Research Interests

Distributed Graph Processing, Distributed Machine Learning, Large Scale Cluster Resource Management





  • 惊喜与挑战并行的NSDI 2017
  • 方兴未艾的云计算:SoCC 2015大会

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